Era Of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time,
which is the clock time on the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.
It is the identical all year round and is not affected by Summer Time Daylight Saving Time clock changes.
When the solar is at its most point precisely above the Prime Meridian,
it’s miles 1200 noon at Greenwich.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the time measured on the Earth’s zero ranges line of longitude or meridian.
This line has been called the Greenwich Meridian, considering that its miles from here that everyone terrestrial longitudes are measured and the sector’s time zones are calculated.

GMT According To Your Zone

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is using GMT quarter time from October to March when Daylight Saving Time isn’t always in use.
The Greenwich Meridian (Prime Meridian or Longitude Zero degrees)
marks the place to begin of each Time Zone of the time region map.

USA Time Zone

When we talk about the United States, it is spread throughout six time zones.
From west to east, they are :

  • Hawaii,
  • Alaska,
  • Pacific,
  • Mountain,
  • Central, and
  • Eastern

Imagine that you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at seventy-five ranges west longitude. 
It is three within the afternoon, Eastern Standard Time.

The time zones inside the contiguous US are often mentioned with the aid of their universal name.
There is no difference between widespread time and Daylight Saving Time designations.

Exploring The World By Way Of Sea

The records of accurate time-keeping go along the records of exploring the world by way of the sea.
After the Industrial Revolution, from the mid-18th century to the middle of the nineteenth century,
it becomes also at once influenced.

 The need for proper scheduling in an international where terrestrial delivery of human beings
and items got quicker and faster, utilizing educate first and foremost.

Creation Of Time Zones

 With the creation of time zones, understanding the offset or time difference
made the distant verbal exchange and travel even more manageable.
GMT was the international fashionable of civil time.
Though it has now been replaced using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),
GMT remains the prison time in Britain in the winter,
used by the Met Office, Royal Navy, and BBC World Service.
Few of the countries in Africa and Western Europe, which includes in Iceland,
are using time zone which is similar to Greenwich Mean Time all 12 months-round.

How Did Greenwich Mean Time Begin?

 It wasn’t till the discovery of the pendulum clock in the 1650s that it turned into possible
to exercise session the relationship among mean (clock) time and sun time.


 John Flamsteed came up with the components for changing sun time in the meantime
and published a fixed of conversion tables in the early 1670s.
Soon after, he was appointed as the first Astronomer Royal and moved
into the brand new Royal Observatory in Greenwich.


 Here he had the fine pendulum clocks established and set them to the nearby time.
This turned into Greenwich Mean Time or the average time whilst the Sun crossed the meridian at Greenwich. At first, though, Greenwich’s time become best critical to astronomers.


The Shepherd gate clock can be seen on the gates to the Royal Observatory.
It turned into the primary clock ever to expose Greenwich Mean Time without delay to the public.


It is a ‘slave’ clock related to the Shepherd master clock,
which changed into set up on the Royal Observatory in 1852.
From that time until 1893, the Shepherd grasp clock was the heart of Britain’s time system.

Its time turned into dispatched with the aid of telegraph wires to London, Edinburgh,
Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast
, and lots of different cities.
By 1866, time signals have also been sent from the clock to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, via the new transatlantic submarine cable.


 In terms of the distribution of correct time into everyday life,
it’s miles one of the most vital clocks ever made.

Setting a GMT watch (like our GMT)

You may easily adjust your watch, according to Greenwich Mean Time. Here’s how we’d set ours: 


  • Determine which time zone you would love to set the GMT hand to.
    For this example, let’s say we’re residing in Los Angeles (currently at GMT-7),
    and need to set the second time region to Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9).
  • We might set the time of the watch until midnight.
  • If we are choosing time according to Los Angeles, which is presently in Daylight Savings Time,
    this means the nearby country Tokyo is only sixteen hours ahead.
    We can modify the GMT hand by changing the position and turning it counter-clockwise. 
  • Then, we might set the time and date of our watch.

International Dateline

There is a dividing line between East (GMT+), and West (GMT-) lied on the
opposite facet of the sector to the Greenwich Meridian is the International Date Line.

This is a modification of the 180° meridian going for walks north to south via the Pacific Ocean.


Seasonal Changes

There is no change in GMT for the year. In the wintry weather months,
neighborhood time within the UK is similar to GMT, but in March,
neighborhood time is moved forward one hour to British Summer Time (BST) until the cease of October.

A variety of different international locations around the world also use this daylight
savings degree and change their local instances to take gain of earlier sunrises.


I would like to end this topic as GMT is a time region formally used in a few European and African countries. The GMT watch characteristic is only a 2d hour hand at the identical watch face that’s geared to rotate once every 24 hours or exactly half of as fast as the other hour hand.

Main Cities World Wide Current Time

UTC:  -7 Hours

UTC:  -4 Hours

UTC:  +1 Hours

UTC:  +2 Hours

UTC:  +3 Hours

UTC:  +5.5 Hours

UTC: +8 Hours

UTC:  +9 Hours